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How to Restore Antique Furniture to It’s Original Beauty

Restoration of an antique furniture helps to maintain the real value of the antique furniture. But if proper methods are not adopted for restoration then it will get degraded into any ordinary furniture. Restoration involves repairing or replacing broken parts, polishing, removing stubborn stains, trimming pieces etc. Before you restore your antique furniture get to know about the features of the furniture, enlist the things that have to be repaired, thoroughly clean the furniture, get all the proper equipments and chemicals for restoring the antique furniture etc. Check out this www.danetti.com about danetti.

Usually cleaning the furniture helps to restore its beauty. Therefore cleaning it is an essential step. Use a mixture of warm water and mild soap to remove grit and dirt. Buy furniture cleaner from the market and apply it on the furniture using a clean cloth to remove any stains. You can make use of a toothbrush and the cleaner to clean the gaps, curves and unreachable parts of the antique furniture.

The hardware on the furniture present in the form of handles or hinges can be restored to their original condition by silver, brass or any metal polish. But ensure you remove the hardware if possible to get better results. If your antique has minor repairs like some small part is broken and can be fixed or some hardware is missing then you perform those yourself. But make sure the hardware that you will use on the antique matches the look of the furniture.

If the antique furniture is in a very bad shape and there is nothing you can do to restore it to the original look then hire a professional. He/she will know what to do and how to go about restoring the furniture.